Auditions: religious matchmaking doco

"Do you know someone who has been matchmade within their faith?"

BBC Studios Australia & NZ is making a documentary series that explores cultural beliefs and traditions of love and marriage within different faiths, including Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.

“We are looking for families / individuals who would be interested in the idea of having a facilitator assist them with finding a partner as part of a series,” a casting notice announces.

“Do you know someone who has been matchmade within their faith?

“We are also keen to talk to families where a marriage was facilitated for them and who would be open to sharing their experiences.”

The series title and broadcaster are yet to be disclosed but the project is not Marry Me, Marry My Family nor Bride & Prejudice.

If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information, please send your contact details and a Producer will be in touch with you:

[email protected]

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