Gone: Good Sam

10 has yanked US medical drama from its Wednesday night line-up.

10 has yanked US medical drama Good Sam from its Wednesday night line-up, after previously pushing it to a later slot.

It is replaced with a repeat of The Secret She Keeps (a new season is currently on Paramount+).

Good Sam stars Sophia Bush as Samantha, a top surgeon whose boss and father (Jason Isaacs) falls into a coma.

The series premiered in the US in January but was cancelled after one season.

4 episodes are available on 10 Play and all 8 at Paramount+.

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    1. Anything more exotic than NCIS, The Good Doctor or 9-1-1 is not guaranteed a slot in prime time anymore. Good Sam was backed by Bush, and CBS gave it 13 eps because they haven’t launched anything new and had a gap in their schedule for a Mid-Season show. It was unlikely to get a 2nd season and even less likely to succeed paired with Five Bedrooms. Most such shows start late at night, on a secondary channel or catch-up site. Good Sam has ended up padding out Paramount+’s lineup where I doubt it will be of much appeal to Trekkies.

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