The ABC Of: July 19

Garry McDonald reflects on The Aunty Jack Show, The Norman Gunston Show and Mother And Son.

TV nostalgia fans should definitely tune into The ABC Of this evening as David Wenham chats with legenadry Garry McDonald (who is notoriously private when it comes to interviews).

McDonald is gobsmacked that archivists have uncovered his Norman Gunston Show pilot.

David Wenham takes the unforgettable Garry McDonald on a journey through his ABC Archival life. Garry, our best-known comic actor, was hit by television lightning three times in his career, starring in The Aunty Jack Show, The Norman Gunston Show and Mother And Son, but he also played a host of other roles.

Among many other clips, The ABC Of researchers unearthed a 1967 recording of a play by Garry’s NIDA graduation class. Garry talks about his early successes, the origins of the Norman Gunston character and how much he loved playing a straight role in 1982’s Jimmy Dancer, a one-off drama that was part of the Spring And Fall anthology series. He shares his love for Mother And Son partner Ruth Cracknell and offers insights into his unplanned second TV career, when he became a mental health advocate after his own, much publicised breakdown.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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