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  1. Neighbours should do old style opening titles during the final days. Like any news did a old style intro for 90 years anniversary. My favourite theme was the one song by delta goodrum

  2. Channel 7 trying touble finish off the current season of the good doctor, with double episodes, last week, this week and I guess next week will be the finale, also 2 episodes back to back.

  3. I was looking forward to watching season 3 of Dog House Australia. But can only watch it on 10 Play as not home in time to watch it live. But on 10 play can only get season 1 and 2. But when I googled it . Got Freeview site and season 3 all episodes were listed there with a little 10play icon. Why do I get the feeling season 3 is being put on the Paramount streaming site.

  4. Of all the Putt Putt places in Sydney the Ch9 BATG producers could have chosen to send the couple on a date to, why did they pick the one that is named after the Ch7 Putt Putt Golf show?

  5. Why doesn’t sbs do more slow tv with trains, they could do Sydney trainlink services that go to broken Hill, Melbourne, could even do the Queensland trains that go from Brisbane to Cairns and Mount Isa etc…….

    1. The daytime journey of the Brisbane to Sydney train in the Summer months with more daylight would be awesome in that style. A lot of history, engineering and scenery. I agree. They should do more Slow TV train productions across Australia.

  6. Why has prime7 news not changed its brand to 7 news, I thought the word prime was a reference to prime media group, but now that 7 has taken over you would think they would rebrwnd their news to 7 local news

    1. Considering the 7 affiliate in Tasmania has changed from Nightly News 7 Tasmania to 7 News Tasmania, after some in-fighting between 7 and TNT, even though Tasmania is not owned by 7 but by SCA.

  7. I’m surprised you David or other media outlets didn’t make more of the fact that both Reggie and Billy made history with both of them winning their individual shows twice! Good on them especially Reggie.

    1. Can’t win! While someone tells me off for running winner info minutes after broadcast, another says I didn’t run it at all. I realise TVT churns through a lot of posts so not everybody can be across everything but I offer easy ways to then find info. There is Search, Show Tags and the drop-down menus for prominent shows. Finale winners for Ninja (also a repeat winner), BB and MCA wins were all Top Stories giving at least 2 days across the home page -and all were mentioned in Friday newsletter due to their history moments and Twitter.

    1. Perhaps also resume bulletins to southern NSW and Canberra. If no, then at least get a presenter who knows how to pronounce names of towns correctly in the 20-30 seconds “news” rip-and-reads with vision from the internet and Seven, with no relationship to the line being read.

  8. I’m feeling this series of Gruen is really underwhelming. I’m actually finding it a little boring most weeks tbh. I don’t know.. it just feels like it’s lost something that made the show sparkle… but it’s strange because I can’t put my finger on what exactly has changed and/or what is missing. Does anyone else agree or is it just me?

      1. Yeah I agree. I think it’s time for the show to finish. I don’t think they are covering anything new anymore…Todd doesn’t really seem like we wants to be there anymore either. Russell was missing for a number of weeks, it was good to have him back this week, bring back some passion and enthusiasm to the panel.

    1. I am still enjoying it but where is the XL version? This season feels like each episode is short because they only discuss one ad, and then do the pitch. Also, the episodes without Russel are usually not as good, although one featured another man whom I found very funny. The guests and Todd agree with each other so much that you have to have different voices to create a bit of argument to be entertaining.

          1. oops i didn’t look under there. Hah they didn’t think it through very well before scheduling that one! i’d say it would be unhappy cruise advertisers, not worrying about wasting an episode as someone said. I doubt an RBT repeat would rate better.

  9. Home and away should bring back the full opening titles with all cast members now that neighbours is gone and there won’t be a local show with full opening credits with theme music

  10. Sorry if its already asked, but is there any update on the new season of Crime Investigation Australia? 7 episodes got played before the April school holidays but the remaining 3 haven’t returned as of yet, was there some update i missed?

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