Who Do You Think You Are?: July 19

“I think this experience has definitely been life-changing for me," says actress Paula Duncan of SBS series.

Who Do You Think You Are? this week on SBS sees former Cop Shop star Paula Duncan retracing her genealogy.

“My family means even more to me, now I know what it’s like to have lost it. I still find it hard to talk about mum and dad. When I was growing up one of my greatest fears was to lose them,” she said.

“I think this experience has definitely been life-changing for me. I’m absolutely impressed by their [ancestors] journey. I’m filled with admiration and I’m filled with deep love even though I don’t know them.”

On this episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”, actress and philanthropist Paula Duncan investigates an unexplored line of her paternal ancestry and is confronted by the brutal history of colonial Australia. Delving into her maternal history, Paula’s investigation leads her to a mysterious family heirloom. Searching for the origin of the pure gold brooch owned by her Great Grandmother Margaret O’Brien reveals the moment a life of hardship is turned around by a defining period in Australian history: the Gold Rush.

7:30pm Tuesday on SBS.

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